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Pure Cashmere Prayer Shawl

Pure Cashmere Prayer Shawl

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The finest cashmere in the world comes from Tibet. Nomads carry it over the Himalayas to the skilled hands of artisans in Nepal where our luxurious Pure Cashmere Prayer Shawl is made.

It is hand-knit of 100% pure, premium grade-A cashmere. This cashmere is much softer than department store cashmere. After hand-knitting, the shawl undergoes a water process called "sparging," which gives a beautiful, organic texture to the fabric. Each shawl is individually dyed creamy ivory or a soft pale gray using eco-friendly dyes and meticulously hand-finished.

We designed this shawl specifically for meditation. It is nearly twice as large as most standard travel shawls to completely swathe the body, yet not slip off the shoulder.

Measures 45" W x 96" L.

Handmade in Nepal exclusively for DharmaCrafts.

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