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Marble Quan Yin and Dragon Statue

Marble Quan Yin and Dragon Statue

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An elegant and powerful depiction, our Marble Quan Yin and Dragon Statue illustrates the Buddhist goddess of compassion with grace and strength. Quan Yin's name means "One who hears the cries of the world"; it is she who hears the cries of suffering beings, bringing love, mercy, and compassion to their aid.

This white Kwan Yin statue depicts the female bodhisattva standing tall in opulent, rippling robes. She holds in her hands a vessel containing the nectar of compassion which she is pouring into the mouth of a dragon coiled around her feet.

The image of Kuan Yin and a dragon comes from an ancient legend in which the goddess is banished to a mountain where she befriends a dragon king. According to the story, Goddess Kuan Yin eventually, in a moment of deep compassion, rescues the king's two sons from peril. This story and image of the graceful goddess beside a fearsome beast is a symbol of impermanence, strength, and riding the waves of change.

Materials: Resin in marble finish

Size: 20" H

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