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Reclaimed Wood Statue Stand

Reclaimed Wood Statue Stand

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Our versatile statue stand will elevate your statue or serve as a small shrine. Made of 200 year old reclaimed barn wood with polycrylic finish.

Your meditation altar is a reflection of the deepest aspirations of your heart. Make it a place of beauty, refuge, and inspiration. Along with personal treasures, your shrine might hold a statue or a picture of your teacher or loved ones. Place offerings of flowers, incense, and light on your altar to show gratitude for the blessings in your life and to express your commitment to lead a mindful, compassionate life. Due to its 200 years in existence, each piece has different characteristics, such as nail holes, saw mill markings, knots, cracks and hammer marks.

Materials: 200 year old reclaimed barn wood with a water-based polycrylic finish

Size: 14" w x 8" d x 2 3/4" h

Made in USA

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