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REMIX Essential Oil Aromatherapy Spray

REMIX Essential Oil Aromatherapy Spray

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Fill your spaces with the remedial scent of these REMIX Essential Oil Aromatherapy Sprays. Each essential oil room spray blend was crafted with a specific intention in mind to help you take on the day (or night) as your best and most grounded self.

Use as room spray, spritz over your bed, wear as a fragrance, or to create an aromatic meditation experience.


Remove negative energy and promote peace in any space with just a few sprays.

Made with:
Sage as cleansing and purifying element. 
Rose to release dark feelings like anger, guilt, and resentment.
Eucalyptus helps to boost confidence.

    Chill (Day)
    Use Chill / DAY whenever stress and anxiety start to take control to calm and reground yourself.

    Made with:
    May Chang, an uplifting and brightening ingredient.
    Petitgrain helps relieve stress.
    Ylang Ylang to promote relaxation.

      Chill (Night)
      Chill / NIGHT is ideal for relaxing nights and restless sleepers.

      Made with:
      French Lavender to promote sleepiness.
      Grapefruit to counter feelings of stress.
      Vetiver calms the obsessive mind.


        • Crafted exclusively with organic, wild-harvested, or selective essential oils.
        • Comes with an energized quartz crystal and instruction card on how to maximize the spray's effect.
        • 50ml in a glass bottle
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