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Rosewood Mala Beads Set

Rosewood Mala Beads Set


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Durable and beautiful rosewood is crafted into elegant beads in our Rosewood Mala Beads Set. Consisting of 2 items, a 108-bead wooden necklace and a 27-bead bracelet, these wooden mala beads are a wonderful, simplistic gift to be cherished for years to come.

Rosewood is the name given to wood sourced from any tree belonging to the Dalbergia genus. Variations of this precious, rare wood are found all over the world and used to craft everything from premium flooring to musical instruments.

Spiritually, rosewood is said to heal our emotional selves, encouraging compassion and kindness in our hearts. For this reason, it is also connected with the heart chakra (anahata).


Materials: 8mm solid rosewood beads, 10mm rosewood guru beads, & brown string.

Sizes: Prayer bead necklace measures 14" long. Wood mala bracelet opening is about 3.5" wide. Both feature an adjustable knot.


Handmade in Nepal.

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