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Serpent White Topaz Gold Pendant Necklace

Serpent White Topaz Gold Pendant Necklace

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When a snake sheds her skin, she is metaphorically reborn. With her new skin- tender and vulnerable- she is defensive of her weakness, but soon reclaims her dignity and strength once her skin has healed. We are like the serpent in the face of change; we fear it and may hide, but, once conquered, we are ready to face a new day wiser and more confident than ever.

Our Serpent White Topaz Gold Pendant Necklace features a beautiful gold-plated serpent pendant with a head made of genuine white topaz. Wear this gold snake necklace as a symbol of your confidence.

White topaz: awareness, creativity, individuality

Serpent: eternity, immortality, energy

Necklace Details

  • Pendant size: 24 x 10.5mm
  • Stone size: 3 x 4mm
  • Necklace length: 18" with 3" extension
  • Made of 18kt gold-plated brass
  • Made in India
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