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Simple Jasper Mala Beads Set

Simple Jasper Mala Beads Set


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This colorful Simple Jasper Mala Beads Set consists of a 108-bead mala prayer necklace and matching adjustable beaded bracelet.

Mala prayer beads are used during meditation and prayer as a way to count mantra repetition. If you'd like to learn more about mala bead meditation, please visit our blog.

Genuine jasper beads come in a variety of red, gray, and brown hues, creating a captivating array of colors in every strand. It is an earth energy stone, making it one of the best gemstones for grounding and protection. Wearing jasper is known to balance the chakras, encourage bravery, and create a sense of general stability.


Wrist mala: Knot closure adjusts from 2.5" - 4".

Neck mala: 16" long.

8mm beads. 10mm guru bead.

Handmade in Nepal.

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