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Small Incense Burner Bowl & Stand

Small Incense Burner Bowl & Stand


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Use our Small Incense Burner Bowl & Stand to burn your favorite DharmaCrafts incense sticks during your daily meditation routine, evening relaxation, or any time you could you some uplifting fragrance.

This cauldron incense burner features a dark gray and gold coloration with a distinct weathered effect that will suit any space.

There are multiple ways you can use this incense bowl:

    • Burn incense in the stand alone.
    • Burn incense in the removable stand while inside the incense bowl.
    • Burn incense in the incense bowl alone while filled with ash. This allows multiple incense sticks to burn at the same time.


Size: 3" dia. x 2.5" h

Material: Ceramic

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