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St. Francis of Assisi Garden Statue

St. Francis of Assisi Garden Statue

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This breathtaking resin garden statue depicts St. Francis of Assisi, a 13th century Italian Catholic friar. He is wearing simple robes while holding a rabbit kit with a bird perched on his shoulder. He is poised; his expression is dignified yet tender. The weathered look of this monk garden statue lends it a rustic, weathered look that will complement any backyard meditation garden or sacred space.

St. Francis is not a Buddha in the literal sense, but in spirit. He personifies loving-kindness and compassion, embodying the same fundamental values as Buddhist tradition. He is best known for his love and respect for all living beings, so images of St. Francis often include an assortment of animals by his side.

The Story of St. Francis of Assisi

Francis of Assisi (1181 AD – 1226 AD) is one of the highest venerated of the Catholic saints. Francis was born into a wealthy family and spent his youth enjoying all of the splendors that come with being a young man born into wealth. But, eventually, Francis began to question his opulent way of life.

Francis had a vision in which Jesus Christ asked him to repair a crumbling church. He stole from his father to raise money to repair the holy building, leaving his father enraged. He attempted to force his son to renounce his rights as heir in front of the bishop. Instead, Francis removed his clothing and disowned his father - literally and figuratively stripping himself of all of the earthly possessions bestowed to him by his father.

Francis lived the life of a beggar for some time, eventually becoming a preacher. He came to truly understand what Christ meant in his prior vision, and worked to return obedience and acceptance to the church. His story inspired those around him, who soon became dedicated to his message of love and respect for all beings - no matter their species or class. He was canonized in 1228 AD.

Size: 36" tall

Materials: Metal bonded with resin and antiqued by hand.

Please Note: Minor variations in color are expected due to the nature of the antiquing process. The antiquing will get richer with age, especially if you keep your statue outdoors. We recommend placing this statue in your indoor meditation space, or a covered place in your garden. Do not place outdoors unprotected.


Made in the USA.

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