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Lavastone Candle Jar

Lavastone Candle Jar

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Lavastone is a rare natural material formed by cooled lava after it emerges from the Earth's core in the form of volcanic eruptions. Each of these Lavastone Candle Jars is crafted by Bali artisans out of genuine lavastone, where it is known as batu candi.

The island nation of Indonesia is home to over 70 active volcanoes which spew an almost constant amount of lavastone into the environment. For centuries, the people of Indonesia have incorporated lavastone into the construction of Buddhist temples, statues, and other materials.

Perfectly sized to hold a votive or tealight meditation candle, this piece is a meaningful, natural addition any meditation altar table. Given the nature of the natural material it is made of, each of these stone candle holders is unique. 


2.75" W x 2" H

2.75" W x 4" H


Made in Bali, Indonesia.

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