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Sunbrella® Outdoor Bolster - COVER ONLY

Sunbrella® Outdoor Bolster - COVER ONLY

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The Bolster pillow is a cylindrical meditation cushion that provides cushioning and support during your meditation practices. It can be used alone, or with a zafu zabuton set.

Our bolster replacement covers allow you to replace a damaged cover or interchange the look of your bolster pillow without buying a new insert.

Designed for Meditating Outside

Sunbrella fabrics are one of the highest-rated outdoor fabrics, known for their superior durability, stain and UV resistance, and cleanability. This outdoor bolster is ideal for meditators who enjoy taking their practices outside and can be used year-round, indoors or outdoors.

This product does not include an insert. Please see our Bolster Meditation Cushions collection to shop cushions with inserts.


    • Zippered cover designed to fit snugly over our meditation bolster inserts.

    • Made of durable 100% acrylic Sunbrella® fabric with a convenient carrying handle.

    • Our bolster cushions come with 2 filling options (buckwheat or cotton) and 2 shapes (rectangular or cotton). Each has slightly different sized covers:

      • Cotton Meditation Bolster

        • Round measures 26.5" x 9" diameter.

        • Rectangular measures 11" x 25" x 6".

      • Buckwheat Meditation Bolster

        • Round measures 25" x 6.5" diameter.

        • Rectangular measures 11" x 25" x 5.5".

    Handmade in the USA.

    Scroll to view our meditation cushion care instructions and FAQ.

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