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Sunbrella® Outdoor Zafu Zabuton Set

Sunbrella® Outdoor Zafu Zabuton Set

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Zabuton Size

Zafu and Zabuton Outdoor Meditation Cushion Set

Quality meditation cushions are an important, once-in-a-lifetime investment for every serious meditator. Our made-to-order meditation cushions are perfect for increasing comfort during daily meditation, meditation scripts, and meditation classes.

Designed for Meditating Outside

Sunbrella fabrics are one of the highest-rated outdoor fabrics, known for their superior durability, stain and UV resistance, and cleanability. This outdoor zabuton zafu set is ideal for meditators who enjoy taking their practices outside and can be used year-round, indoors or outdoors.

Purchase a matching buckwheat zafu (pronounced za' - foo) and a zabuton (pronounced za' - boo - tawn) as a set and save! The ZZSET makes a great gift!

We also offer our matching zabutons and zafus as individual pieces. Shop additional support cushions here.


Each set comes with a buckwheat hull zafu and a zabuton meditation mat in one of our following sizes:

  • Buckwheat Hull Zafu measures 15" in diameter with a 5 1/2" loft.
  • Regular Zabuton measures: 31" L x 26" W x 4" H.
  • Jumbo Zabuton measures: 36" L x 28" W x 4" H. We recommend Jumbo for our long-legged meditators over 6 ft tall.

The Sunbrella® Outdoor Zabuton Mat

The foundation cushion for your zafu or meditation bench. Our zabuton provides essential cushioning for your ankles and knees when sitting cross-legged on a zafu or on a meditation bench. Years of Zen Center living have gone into perfecting the design of this mat.

  • 8 lbs. of all natural American grown, chemical-free cotton batting is stuffed into a muslin cover and tufted in four places to form a permanent inner cushion.

  • A snug-fitting zippered cover made from durable 100% acrylic Sunbrella® fabric is slipped over the inner cushion and tufted in the center for a finished look.

The Sunbrella® Outdoor Buckwheat Hull Zafu Pillow

The Buckwheat Hull Zafu provides ideal body posture and support in addition to the comfort of the zabuton. While still providing all the support of a traditional kapok-filled zafu, this buckwheat meditation cushion conforms more readily to each individual's shape and is somewhat softer. It is like sitting on sand at the beach- the hulls move where you want them.

  • We stuff our Buckwheat Hull Zafu with approximately 4.5 lbs. of organic buckwheat hulls enclosed in a zippered muslin shell making it easy to add/remove buckwheat.

  • Made of durable 100% acrylic Sunbrella® fabric with a convenient carrying handle.

Cushions handmade in the USA.

Scroll to view our meditation cushion care instructions and FAQ, and to see what sets DharmaCrafts apart from the rest.

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