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Tea Mug with Lid - Reclining Buddha

Tea Mug with Lid - Reclining Buddha


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Enjoy a fresh cup of tea, coffee, or any other warm beverage from this elegantly designed ceramic tea cup. The lid, which features a lotus blossom design, helps to keep the mug's contents warm and flavorful during steeping or your morning meditation routine.

This jade green Tea Mug with Lid features a relief carving of the Buddha reclining alongside delicate lotus flower blossoms.

Images of the buddha lying down on his side, head rested on one elbow, are a recurring motif in Buddhist art. This relaxed pose is a representation of The Buddha's relaxation and blissful contentment as he neared his transition into enlightenment.

Tip: When your tea has finished steeping, the backside of the lid can be used to hold the used sachet!


Size: 3.5" D x 5" H

Capacity: 8oz.

Material: Blanc de Chine (Dehua porcelain)

Blanc de Chine, which translates to "white of China", is a term used to describe a type of fine, white glazed ceramics made in Dehua county in China.


Mug is also available with Tara or Laughing Buddha design.

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