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Teaching Garden Buddha Statue

Teaching Garden Buddha Statue

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This stunning statue has a blue and purple tint with hints of gold peaking throughout. It is truly something to marvel at.

It shows the Buddha with one hand in the Vitarka mudra and the other resting on his knee palm down. The Vitarka mudra is the teaching mudra, which is used to symbolize the transmission of the dharma, or teachings of the Buddha, while the thumb and index fingers touch creating a circle that symbolizes an uninterrupted flow of wisdom. The other three fingers pointing up towards the heavens with the palm facing outwards. Keep this statue close to help reach a deeper meditative state.

Materials: Made of outdoor resin.

Size: 6.5” L x 4.5” W x 10” H

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    Step into our Meditation Garden, a sanctuary where the harmony of nature becomes your guide. Amidst lush greenery and blooming flowers, find solace and inner peace. Let the gentle breeze and soothing sounds of the outdoors envelop you as you embrace tranquility, clarity, and renewal.

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