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Tibetan Carved Skull Bracelet

Tibetan Carved Skull Bracelet


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Traditional Tibetan skull beads hand carved from genuine yak bone give this bone bracelet deep spiritual meaning.

Yak bone and skull bead jewelry are symbolic of the beauty of impermanence in Tibetan Buddhism. In much of Western culture, skulls and bones are viewed as ominous or even 'creepy', but their meaning is not the same in Buddhist beliefs. While they still are associated with death, skulls and bones hold a more profound association with the continuous Buddhist cycle of life and death (samsara). Their presence reminds us of the fundamental tenet that the universe is ever-changing, and nothing is permanent.

You can learn more about the story of yak bone malas here.

Size: Bracelet measures approximately 3" in diameter and is slightly stretchy. Each bead measures approximately 10mm across. One size fits most.

Since each bone skull bead is hand carved from natural sources, each bead is unique in size, color, and shape.

Handmade in Nepal.

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