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Tibetan Dorje Incense Sticks

Tibetan Dorje Incense Sticks


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Our Tibetan Dorje Incense Sticks are a type of protective incense that can be used during daily meditation and relaxation.

A Tibetan dorje, or vajra in Sanskrit, is a powerful ritual tool and spiritual weapon. It is found throughout the Dharmic faiths as a representation of the unbreakable power of enlightenment.

This fine Tibetan incense is meticulously crafted from 25 herbal medicinal ingredients, sourced from the many unique landscapes of the Himalayan region. Each ingredient is selected for their healing benefits and untouched natural purity.



  • Approximately 30 sticks per box

  • Sticks measure 7.5" each

  • Crafted using only natural ingredients. Non-toxic.


Handmade in Nepal.

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