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White Salt Rock Lamp

White Salt Rock Lamp

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The White Salt Rock Lamp is a unique beauty among salt lamps. Our white salt lamp is made of the same Himalayan salt that our pink rock lamps are made of, but comes from special veins on the outskirts of the mines. White salt crystals are rarer than the popular pinkish-orange salt you see in most salt rock products. These lamps feature the same supposed benefits as their pink counterparts- such as better air quality and ion balancing effects- but offer a brighter glow and a uniquely striking appearance.

This stunning piece of salt rock decor features a wooden base for the crystal to rest on and a space for a lightbulb to be inserted in the bottom. Place this lamp anywhere in your home to serve as a beacon of soft light and soothing energies. Its bright glow is perfect for those who enjoy evening meditation in dimly lit spaces, as it can help brighten the entire space.


  • Includes lightbulb and cord with dimmer switch.
  • Weighs approximately 4-6lbs.

Note: No two salt rock lamps are the same- each is unique! Due to the fact that all of our salt rock products are made of naturally sourced minerals, variations between size, shape, and color should be expected.

Learn more about salt crystal lamps on our blog.

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