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White Yak Bone & Bodhi Seed Mala

White Yak Bone & Bodhi Seed Mala


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A powerful reminder of Buddhism and impermanence, this White Yak Bone & Bodhi Seed Mala is intended for use during japa mantra repetition.

This unique bone mala necklace features 108 white yak bone beads, inlaid with decorative stones and accents strung along red nylon thread. It is finished with a large bodhi seed guru bead and silver accent beads.

About Yak Bone Malas

Yak bone is associated with one of the three marks of existence in Buddhism: the concept of impermanence (anicca). This Buddhist philosophy reminds us of the ever changing nature of life; that nothing is forever and everything changes with the passage of time. Accepting impermanence is vital to both our mental and spiritual wellbeing, as it detaches us from that which is out of our control and insignificant in life. By teaching us to focus on what is rather than what isn't, a newfound sense of clarity and release is attained.

In Tibet, Yak bone is used to make a variety of goods, including Tibetan prayer beads. For thousands of years, people have relied on the yak, a species of cattle, for survival in the harsh climate of the Himalayas. These animals provide resources and labor that are essential to survival in one of the most rugged terrains in the world. You can learn more about the ethicality of yak bone malas here.

Materials: Genuine yak bone, howlite stone, metal, bodhi seed (guru bead), & red nylon string.

Size: Approximately 14" long with adjustable knot. 8mm beads. 14mm guru bead.

Handmade in Nepal.
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