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Wish Granting Prayer Flags

Wish Granting Prayer Flags


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Send your deepest desires and aspirations to be carried into the universe with these Wish Granting Prayer Flags. In the windy, high-altitude Himalayas where Buddhist prayer flags originate, the prayers and wishes on each flag are constantly dispersed into the universe.

This style of Tibetan prayer flag (horizontal as opposed to vertical) is known as Lung ta in Tibetan, which translates to "Wind Horse". It is said that this powerful, mythical steed carries a wish-fulfilling jewel as it gallops freely into the wind. 

Each of these Buddhist flags features an image of the wind horse, the compassion mantra (om mani padme hum), and blank space for you to write your own wish - or prayer for the universe - to be carried away by the great Wind Horse. The 5 flag colors (blue, white, red, yellow, or green) are the colors used in Buddhism to represent the elements.

Visit our blog to learn more about prayer flags.


  • Flags made of cotton fabric

  • Each flag is approximately 9" square

  • 10-flag strand measures 66" (5.5') long

  • Handmade in Nepal

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