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Yohaku Fragrance Oil

Yohaku Fragrance Oil

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Escape to a world of relaxation and aromatic bliss with these Yohaku Fragrance Oils.

With all natural ingredients inspired by and harvested from Japan's unique array of flora, these natural diffuser oils capture more than just fragrance. From walking along the beach just as a the sun comes over the horizon, to strolling down a wooded path in the springtime air, each scent is an aromatherapeutic journey through nature.

Hinoki: This earthy and slightly woody scent is perfect for replicating a walk in nature or cool mosses after rain. Excellent for yoga breathing exercises.

Hayes Valley: Woody and amber ingredients combine to conjure images of golden sunsets over rolling fields of wheat.

Japanese Mint: Cooler and crisper than American and European peppermint oils, this refreshing mint scent will be sure to awaken the senses during your mindful morning routine.

Monk Tree: Woody, floral, and calming- this scented oil cleanses the senses and the mind.

Moon Jazz: A deep and complex scent featuring a blend of floral and amber that's perfect for evening meditation.

Sunrise: Woody and citrusy to evoke images of dawn light through the trees and morning mist.

These Japanese aroma oils are specially designed for use with the coordinating Porcelain Fragrance Stone, available in 2 styles.

Top Notes
Middle Notes End Notes
Hinoki Japanese Hinoki (Cypress) Wood Japanese Hinoki (Cypress) Wood Japanese Hinoki (Cypress) Wood

Hayes Valley

Mandarin, Kusunoki Wood (Camphor Wood) Patchouli, Hay Cedarwood, Tonka Bean

Japanese Mint

Hokkaido Japanese Peppermint Hokkaido Japanese Peppermint Hokkaido Japanese Peppermint

Monk Tree

Bergamot, Frankincense Geranium, Hinoki Wood (Japanese Cypress) Cedarwood, Sandalwood

Moon Jazz

Lavender, Yuzu Geranium, Rose, Jasmin Tonka Bean, Coffee
Sunrise Bergamot, Lemon, Japanese Mint Artemisia (Wormwood), Mimosa

Product Details

  • 100% naturally derived from ingredients grown and harvested in Japan
  • 10ml bottle
  • Bottle made with recycled glass
  • Made in Japan
  • Designed for use with a wood or stone diffuser- do not apply directly to skin.
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