Collection: Bracelets

Meditation bracelets are powerful! Each of our energy bracelets tells a story. Sometimes the bracelet story starts before you ever pick it up. A secret message. Some paths to take. And then once you do find it, you discover it has been there all along.

Our collection of multiple bracelets besides being beautiful and versatile for your every day or more elegant outfits, thanks to their variety of colors and materials; are also full of meaning in our lives. Some meditation bracelets can help improve health, and stress, help your immunity and even improve your mood.
You can find from Layered Bracelets or Wooden Bead Bracelets that will give a touch of elegance and style to your outfit, to Buddha Bracelets Gold or Gemstones Bracelets Set, that will reinforce your connection with the different deities or with yourself.

DharmaCrafts is pleased to partner with Article 22 Jewelry, Mines Advisory Group (MAG), and the Laotian craftspeople to create this exclusive collection of upcycled jewelry that not only expresses the highest aspirations of our hearts but also contributes to the recovery and healing of the Laotian land and its people.

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