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Manjushri Pendant

Manjushri Pendant

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Inspire wisdom & learning with our stunning turquoise Manjushri Pendant necklace.

Pendant features a depiction of guru Manjushri made of carved turquoise and inlaid on a silver metal charm. Comes with a black cord necklace with silver lobster clasp.

Manjushri's Mantra: "Om Ah Ra Paza Na Dhi Dhi"

The bodhisattva embodying the wisdom and transcendent knowledge of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. He holds the flaming sword of wisdom in his right hand and, on his left, the stem of the lotus flower upon which rests a volume of the Perfection of Wisdom Sutra (Prajnaparamita): a symbol of the clear, unobstructed nature of the omniscient mind, cutting through all ignorance with a perfection of all wisdom.

Turquoise pendant also available of Dzambhala, Green Tara, Padmasambhava, Avalokiteshvara, and Shakyamuni (Buddha).

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