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Dzambhala Pendant

Dzambhala Pendant

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Manifest wealth & prosperity with our stunning turquoise Dzambhala Pendant necklace.

Dzambhala's Mantra: "Om Dzambhala Dzalin Draye Soha"

Dzambhala, also known as Jambhala, is an emanation of one of the five Buddha families. They engage in increasing the enlightenment of Buddhist followers and their essence is generosity. He is, appropriately, a member of the Ratna Family (Ratnasambhava; "jewel-born"). Dzambhala practices bring wealth, prosperity, and longevity. He is depicted holding a mongoose spouting jewels.

Turquoise pendant also available of Green TaraManjushriPadmasambhavaAvalokiteshvara, and Shakyamuni (Buddha).

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