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Medicine Buddha Healing Incense Sticks

Medicine Buddha Healing Incense Sticks


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Prepared according to the standard traditional method and recipe found in ancient texts, these Medicine Buddha Healing Incense Sticks are specially designed as a puja offering for the Blue Buddha.

Known as Bhaisajyaguru in Sanskrit, the Buddha of medicine made 12 great vows upon attaining enlightenment. Each vow is a promise to help all beings who suffer from mental and physical ailments, poverty, illness, tragedies, hunger, and immorality. The Medicine Buddha is typically depicted with solid blue skin in reference to lapis lazuli - an auspicious healing stone in Buddhism.

Benefits: good health, prosperity, improved mental & physical wellbeing

Also pictured: Tibetan Chenrezig Incense, Tshepagme Incense, and White Tara Incense.


  • 8" sticks

  • Tube measures approximately 8" tall and 1.65" in diameter.

  • Approximately 30 sticks per bundle.

  • Crafted with exclusively all-natural, non-toxic herbs.

Handmade in Nepal.

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