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Tibetan White Tara Incense Sticks

Tibetan White Tara Incense Sticks


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Prepared according to the standard traditional method and recipe found in ancient texts, these Tibetan White Tara Incense Sticks are specially designed as a puja offering for the mother of Buddhas: White Tara.

Sita Tara (Sanskrit) is one of the most powerful of Tara's 21 forms, each of which is associated with a different color and energy, including Green Tara, Yellow Tara, Red Tara, and Blue Tara. Burning Tara healing incense calls upon the savioress to bless you with her limitless compassion and divine feminine energies.

Benefits: fulfills your wishes, brings wealth, health, luck, & happiness.

Also pictured: Tibetan Chenrezig IncenseTshepagme Incense, and Medicine Buddha Incense.


  • 8" sticks.

  • Tube measures approximately 8" tall and 1.65" in diameter.

  • Approximately 30 sticks per bundle.

  • Crafted with exclusively all-natural, non-toxic herbs.


Handmade in Nepal.

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