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Natural Salt Rock Slab

Natural Salt Rock Slab

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The opportunities are endless with the Natural Salt Rock Slab! These salt tiles have become a popular trend alongside the rise of salt crystal lamps, and are a great example of the versatility of Himalayan pink salt.

Here are a couple of different ways to use your new rock salt tile:
  • Cooking: Use the salt slab to give your food a subtle salty and mineralized flavor that complements almost any savory dish.
  • Decor: The beauty of Himalayan pink salt tiles is that they can be displayed anywhere in the home!
  • On your altar: Place the salt slab on your altar table to serve as a base for offering bowls and candles, a decoration, and to help pull negative energies from the space. 
  • To present food: Use the rock salt slab as a gorgeous and surprising way to present a meal on a platter. Drape it with a serviette before placing an hors d'oeuvre on top for a chef-inspired dining table presentation.
  • As a statue stand: It is customary not to place any depictions of the Buddha on the ground but rather on a stand, pedestal, or table. With the 3 sizes available, even our smallest statues can be properly displayed. Plus, imagine how beautiful your new Bodhisattva statue would look atop a platform of stunning pink crystal salt!


Note: No two Himalayan salt tiles are the same- each is unique! Due to the fact that all of our salt rock products are made of naturally sourced minerals, variations between size, shape, and color should be expected.

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