Collection: Meditation Candles & Candle Holders

Soothing aroma + peaceful intentions = a perfect way to relax and recharge in your Meditation Place.

Our Intention Candles are ideal for those moments of connection and relaxation. They bring joy and happiness to those who receive them and fill any place with compassion, prosperity, and peace.

Not sure which one works best for you? Learn which candles and candle holders are best for you:

Crystal Candle: Unique and perfect for setting intentions, meditating, attracting positive energy, and healing.
Lotus Candle: Handcrafted and hand-poured into a recyclable vessel. Each candle is packaged in a handcrafted box, then accented with red Kalava rope and a golden bell.
Zodiac Candles with Crystals: Enhance the scent of any space with these candles with zodiac elements.

Discover how to create your Meditation Space.