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Rock Salt Candle Holder

Rock Salt Candle Holder

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Embrace all of the positive effects of a rock salt lamp without dealing with electricity or lightbulbs with our Rock Salt Candle Holder!

These pink salt candle holders are simply salt rock crystals with flattened bottoms and holes bored on top to place a candle in. The heat of the candle's flame serves the same purpose that the bulb would in a typical Himalayan salt lamp; its warmth creates a soothing glow while simultaneously heating up the salt rock to create ion-balancing effects in the air around it.

Place this crystal candle holder anywhere in your home for a soothing, natural glow. Use a tea light in the candle holder as a timer for your daily meditation practices, or insert a votive candle for a more permanent and long-burning option.


  • All styles measure approximately 4" tall.

  • Candle hole is approximately 2" wide by 2" deep.

  • Small pink salt candle holder weighs 1.5-2lbs.

  • Medium pink salt candle holder weighs 2-3lbs.

  • Textured pink salt candle holder weighs 2-3lbs.

  • Candle not included.


Note: No two salt rock lamps are the same- each is unique! Due to the fact that all of our salt rock products are made of naturally sourced minerals, variations between size, shape, and color should be expected.

Learn more about salt crystal lamps on our blog.

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