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REMIX Soy Candle

REMIX Soy Candle

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REMIX soy magic candles are hand-poured with a purpose: "As the candle burns, the owner's wish is illuminated."

When you open your soy crystal candle, make your wish before you light it. As it burns, the effects of the crystal and essential oil of your chosen scent will take effect, helping the wish come true. 

The unique, tall shape and stimulating scents of these candles makes them perfect for almost any space in the home, particularly on home altars, bedside tables, sacred spaces, and yoga areas.

Abundance (Clove)

Made with Clove essential oil and topped with a green calcite crystal. Both are known to welcome prosperity and wealth.

Love (Jasmine)

Made with Jasmine essential oil and topped with a lepidolite crystal. Both are known to welcome love and romance.

Protection (Palo Santo)

Made with Palo Santo essential oil and topped with a topaz crystal. Both are known to purify and protect a space or person.



  • 100% soy wax
  • Embedded magic crystal
  • Natural beeswax wick
  • Scent comes exclusively from organic, wild-harvested, or selective essential oils
  • Glass jar
  • Burn time: approx. 145 hrs.
  • 8" tall
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