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Porcelain Oil Diffuser Tray

Porcelain Oil Diffuser Tray

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This Porcelain Oil Diffuser Tray serves as an attractive modern art piece, reminiscent of the sands in a Zen garden, while also functioning as a catch for excess oil when used with the Elemense Pottery Stone Oil Diffuser.

This crisp white porcelain tray not only serves as a base to display your unique stone diffuser on, but also collects the excess oil from the diffuser over time in its perfect, concentric circles- helping to prevent messes and allow the scent of the oil to better linger in the air. Pair the two elements for a stunning and unique way to diffuse your favorite oils and create an ambience of tranquility.



Specially designed for use with the Pottery Stone Oil Diffuser (pictured; sold separately), but can be used with any diffuser/ essential oil combo.

Elemense Diffuser Oil (pictured) sold separately.

Measures just under 7" in diameter and .35" thick.

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