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Elemense Diffuser Oil

Elemense Diffuser Oil

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This collection of premium Elemense Diffuser Oils is inspired by elements: wood, fire, earth, and water. Each scent captures the element it is inspired by perfectly using a blend of fine ingredients and carefully selected fragrance notes.

Place a couple of drops in the diffuser rock for a pleasant and lingering fragrance anywhere in your home or meditation space- perfect for people with sensitivities to smoke or cannot burn candles or incense in their homes.

Complete the Elemense diffuser set with these exquisite Elemense Diffuser Oils, available in 4 finely crafted scents:

Suou - Wood (蘇芳)

Fragrance notes: hakka (mint), kuromoji, muguet, oakmoss

Let this sweet, earthy fragrance guide you toward appreciation for all of Earth's many flora; only then may we love others.

Kiyobi - Fire (浄火)

Fragrance notes: peppermint, armoise, hiba, hinoki

Like a fire as it burns bright then eventually fades to ash, this scent begins crisp and spiced, then turns soft and cool- melting away your negative thoughts and purifying the spirit.

Nukubai - Earth ()

Fragrance notes: yuzu, pepper, tonka beans, sandalwood

The warm, sweet, and slightly smoky notes of this diffuser oil wraps around you like a tender hug that disintegrates feelings of loneliness and brings a sense of tranquility.

Tetsukon - Water (鉄紺)

Fragrance notes: Japanese pepper, ginger, hinoki, cedarwood

Embrace all of the strengths that water holds with this soft scent- from clarity, like that of a freshwater spring, to the determination of a rushing rapid.


This oil is intended for diffuser use only.

20ml bottles

Specially designed for use with the Porcelain Oil Diffuser Tray and Pottery Stone Oil Diffuser (pictured- not included).

Scents also available as incense.

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