Collection: Chakra Jewelry

Chakra Bracelets Benefits: Chakras are the different energy centers of the body. In Sanskrit, "Chakra" translates to a wheel or spinning disc. There are seven main chakras, but many people believe there to be up to 114 different chakras in the body.

Aligning and cleansing the chakras can help to keep one free of mental, spiritual, and physical ailments. When one or more chakra is blocked or imbalanced, its effects can be felt through a number of negative side effects.

Our collection of Chakra Necklaces, Chakra Bracelets, and Chakra Earrings, besides being beautiful and versatile enough for your daily outfits, thanks to their variety of colors and materials, are also full of meaning in our lives. It represents and symbolizes these energies and accompanies your life.

That's why we have a variety of options: Chakra Bracelet for men, 7 Chakra Bracelet, Gold Chakra Necklace, Lava Stone Chakra Bracelet, Heart Chakra Bracelet, among others.

DharmaCrafts is pleased to partner with Article 22 Jewelry, Mines Advisory Group (MAG), and the Laotian craftspeople to create this exclusive collection of up-cycled jewelry that not only expresses the highest aspirations of our hearts but also contributes to the recovery and healing of the Laotian land and its people.