Collection: Zen Garden Statues

The words “Zen Garden” in modern times conjure up images of flawless areas of white gravel with intricately raked designs, dotted with moss-laden rocks and small plants, stone statues, and small bridges. This rendition of the Zen garden came to life around the 11th century in Japan as a way for Zen Buddhist Monks to contemplate Buddha's teachings while immersed in an environment of tranquility and nature.

Our collection of Zen Garden Statues allow you to customize your outdoor space to make it your own authentic shrine of meditation, contemplation, and mindfulness. Whether it's simply adding a few statues to your existing outdoor space, or creating a traditional Zen garden from scratch, our large selection of statues will help you create the Zen garden you have always wanted. From charming pieces like frog garden statues and Cat Buddha Statues, to a variety of Buddha statues, we offer whatever statues suit your personal and Meditative Style.

Note: It is considered respectful to not place Buddhist statues directly on the ground or floor, but rather on a stand, pedestal, altar, stone, etc. We have a variety of these available on site.

These statues can reside indoors or in your garden without shelter, although we do recommend bringing them indoors when the weather is freezing/ snowing.