Collection: Home & Garden

Your sanctuary. Your oasis. Your Meditation Space. Let your garden or home be an extension of your meditation practice. From Zen Garden Kits to Meditation Wall Art, you can find indoor and outdoor Meditation Supplies made with quality materials and incredible designs that will allow you to create a place that inspires your meditation and relaxation practice. Meditation gardens are designed to restore the mind and body.

Not sure which would suit you best? Learn which Home & Garden Supplies is best for you:
- Accent Furniture: Find Modern Design Furniture and Japanese inspired pieces.
- Inspirational Art: Add an inspirational touch to any space with beautiful Wall Art.
- Lighting and Decor: Enhance every room with unique lighting you won't find elsewhere.
- Candles and Candleholders: Ideal for those quiet moments of connection and relaxation.
- Tatami Mats: Create a peaceful refuge using natural, fragrant tatami.
- Dining: Customize your table with the essentials of the modern dining room.
- Zen Garden Statues: Our collection of Zen garden statues allow you to customize your outdoor space.
- Garden Accessories: Elevate your meditation space through charming garden accessories.