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YUYU Statue Stand

YUYU Statue Stand

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It is traditional in Buddhist belief and in Buddhist countries not to place a depiction of Buddha directly on the floor or ground. Out of respect for Buddha and his teachings, he is normally placed on a pedestal or altar of some sort, if on the floor. The handcrafted YUYU Statue Stand will allow you to have a proper, sturdy display base for any of our Buddha statues.

This pedestal stand for statues is handmade in Bali of Suar wood. It is best suited for indoor use only. This unstained, natural wood has visible grain and imperfections, making each piece unique.

Material: Suar wood

Size: 14" x 8" x 3"

Made in Bali, Indonesia.

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Customer Reviews

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It’s ok, but don’t feel it’s worth $72. Will be returning.

Thomas Ruttan
Pricey But Worth It

This item seemed a little pricey. But once I received it I could see why. The quality of the item is really good. The stand is sturdy and thick and the wood looks great. DharmaCrafts seems to put care into their product. It was also very carefully packaged so that it wouldn't get damaged during shipping. I bought my first zafu/zabuton set from DharmaCrafts around 25 years ago. Based on the quality of this item, I'll be placing another order with them asap. Thanks.